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Euphoria est Fade - HBO fail - Note 2 sur 10, à éviter.

Sans aucune saveur.
Voici ce que je ressens quand je regarde cette série.
Le titre principale et d’autre “ohh” de la BO retentissent toutes les 3 secondes, à chaque scène, comme un réflexe pavlovien pour nous rappeler que là c’est une scène “choc”… ça en devient ridicule et se transforme en Overdose de son.

Euphoria est une mise à jour à notre époque des choses les plus tendances et qui continuent de vendre en terme de divertissement :
- des sexes en masse, comme jamais on en a vu dès les premiers épisodes oulala,
- des scènes de sexe,
- du gobage de drogues bien “cool” ,
- du “mental health”, dépression, anxiété, etc. car oui c’est un sujet très “actuel” et presque devenu “cool”
- un mélange de recherche de sexualité et de multiplicité des genres (LGBT, trans, Bi, Gay, etc.)

Bref un gros mélange trop bien pensé et stratégique, donc sans saveur, des sujets de la jeunesse actuelle, bardé de bonnes musiques et de plans de caméra "qualis" et bien léchés. Merci les têtes de HBO.

L’algorithme pour un “Hit” est parfait, heureusement nous ne sommes pas des machines qui consomment des shows sans réfléchir… hein ? Les gars vous êtes là ?

Je vous la refait avec le moodboard de chez HBO pour le brainstorming : Sexe+Sexes+Drogues+Sexy+Jeunesse+Ados+Santé Mentale = Tendance = Gros succès bah oui.

C'est stylé, c’est sur.
C’est de la bonne soundtrack hyper recherchée, c’est sur.
Mais c'est tellement fade, tellement vu et revu, juste une mise à jour bien "hype" et trendy mais nulle.

Skins (version UK) était 10 fois meilleures en son temps.
On croirait voir la version US 2019 d'un mélange de Skins, Trainspotting, Romeo + Juliet, etc... à la sauce HBO Amérique, avec comme héroïne une star Disney Channel (Zendaya). Rien que là on devrait commencer à se méfier…

Ça veut choquer mais ça respire l’Amérique toujours aussi prude au plus profond d’elle même.

C’est presque drôle car montrer autant de sexes et de sexe résonne vraiment ici comme une façon de sur-compenser. Donc d’avouer le vide, l’absence de matière dure dans cette oeuvre.

Ça se veut choquant, cool, trash mais c'est absolument nul,
et le drame c'est que tout le monde va adorer...

J’en pleure à l’avance, ça va être un carton…

J’en pleure à l’avance, ça va être un carton…

Comedians in cars getting coffee

I like this show, because I have a fascination for comedy, stand up and the people who make it. 

But this program is frustrating to me. They never go deep in the conversation, each time a good question is asked by Seinfeld, the guest replies with a joke and it’s cut to another scene, shot of the car on the road and on to another question, an easier one. 

I guess it’s how most of them works, a question that is hard to answer, too personal, will be dodged with a joke. 

Great show because of the host and the guests, cars are nice as well, but I don’t really care for cars. 

A big frustration after watching more than 10 episodes, it’s really like a cup of coffee but there is no connection, no deep impact, no digging. It's quick, short and a bit silly, just a catch up.
Maybe Tea would help to settle, meditate and create a conversation, a connection, deeper...  
It’s like Seinfeld is lazy and just wants a nice little chat, no hassle. That’s what we have here, nice little jam sessions with famous funny people, but I miss the juice, the gold, some secrets, confessions, darkness. 

It’s just a stroll in a car… maybe walking would have make people more talkative. 

Try, comedians in parks taking a stroll. 

Quit Tv Shows.

I want to stop watching tv shows. I mean completely stop. But the problem is that the quality of it is amazing, making the addiction so strong. 

6 years ago, binge watching tv was a guilty thing, you'd watch crap like reality shows knowing it was shit and that you don't make yourself any smarter by watching that. But now, when you see the television and show market, the level has never been so high and the quality of the writing, acting and direction are high, real high. 

My problem is this : I go to work, I do what I do for a living, thinking of coming home to the latest show I'm watching ("The Trip" UK, Coogan, Brydon, so good...). My life is around this addiction, this need to watch a good tv show, and when I'm done the next one. And the dealers like Netflix, HBO have lots of good dope to sell. I still find time to read and watch movie, but it takes more time and more motivation out of me. TV show is easy, it's short, it's good and I don't need to engage myself in a 600 pages or 2h30 screening. 

But I also see a pyramid of culture being as follow : 
- first, books. They are the smartest way to learn, feel and dive into a story, full on. You read something that goes inside you, deep. I start a book I have to finish it, good or bad, I tend to read classics so I go through them fully, there's a reason they are classic. I also find I have less time to read so I don't want to risk it on books that are not good, as in known for years to be. 
- second, movies. The crew build a 2 hours story through amazing images, acting and writing. You dive as well, but for a fewer amount of time, two hours, three max in apnea, in a world that the people behind the movie offers you. 
- third, Tv shows. It's easy, you dive in, if you feel suffocating, you dive out. It last 20 to 60 minutes, my attention can wander easily. I am not engaged and I know there is plenty more fishes in the sea. 

There is also something perverse with this addiction of shows, that I believe I share with 80% of people of my generation. Other than the time spent is the "entertainment" part of it all. 

Take shows like Narcos and House of Cards, they show you in an amazing way the truth behind drug dealing between Colombia and the government of the United States of America basically acknowledging the role of US in the cartel as a key player in the existence and strength of it all. Bribes, politics and governments were directly influenced by the cartel of Medellin then Cali. 
House of Cards on the other hand shows you the reality of politics with men and women willing to kill and manipulate masses in order to achieve power. Wow ! That's amazing, these shows show you the hard truth, the reality in every sense of it all. But then what ? Then you watch this and you only think of coming back home to be able to stream the last episode or the new season. 

The perversity is here : it is an entertainment and you watch it like that. If you summarise the truth behind these shows, the citizen should be in the street, questioning their government and making a fucking revolution every week of the year. 

But no, you know it's real and it shows the dark side of it all, but it's too hard and it's easier to keep watching, instead of doing.  Because I feel down by all this and I am too lazy to overtake power. So I'll order my burger and watch my show.