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Jimmy Carr, Not Funny Business 

Just saw this show, Funny Business, an English friend of mine told me about this guy once, when I arrived in London and was keen on discovering UK stand up or so. I’ve been wanting to check on him for a long time... Boy what a disappointment ! Just a terrible forced laugh used as a joke to his audience. 

I’ve done some research and his laugh is not as high as the one during his show, but he clearly emphasis on it to get more reaction from the public. What a sad point for a comedian to go this far for a reaction, au laugh. 

His jokes are just bits and pieces, puns and word plays that can be funny at a dinner party, once. But one hour of it as a full Netflix show is for me a disgrace to the art of stand up writing. 
The bit where he just perform his own laugh shows how good he is to pretend at doing it. My real laugh is not something I can pretend, and even watching this show I couldn’t have.

You are supposed to tell me about you, your life, your pain, your drama and turn it into comedy gold. Here you just look around in the car, the plane or the street and you pick up ideas like a one pound coin lost on the pavement. This mask you put on is spotless, there is no flaw, except for this laugh. Because I see nothing of you, I can't stand what you having pretend of given me. 
There is no honesty and truth here, just a fake. 

Jimmy Carr, just in case you did not got it, I don’t like your comedy.