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Iliza Shlesinger : Elder Millennial, Political correctness is not good in stand up.

This is a personal critic of why I didn’t like this Netflix special. It’s me, not you…

Apparently the world disagree with me and that’s what’s good in the world :

Score is 7.2 on

I watch too much stand up not to know what I like in comedy now and here is 3 reasons i didn’t like Iliza Shlesinger : Elder Millennial special on Netflix.

3 bonnes raisons de ne pas regarder le comedy special de Iliza Shlesinger : Elder Millennial sur Netflix

1 - Don’t put hashtags on your comedy special, please don’t.

Capture d’écran 2019-04-16 à 02.10.56.jpg

2 - Please don’t push Political Correctness to the limits. This ending is too much.
This look and this talk captured in the same picture is what i call Irony. But I’m not sure what’s irony.

I’m getting so fed up of these parts of comedy specials when everyone claps and cheers how much they agree with what you believe, especially when what you say is so dull and obvious.

Smash an open door is the french expression for that. “Enfoncer une porte ouverte” :-)

You : “Yeah, being an asshole is bad !”

Your audience : Woooooh yeah ! She’s right !

Oh what courage it took you to say that. Check Bill Hicks for PC please.

There is a fine line between stand up and saying things everyone agrees with.

FR/ On ne peut pas faire plus consensuelle que Ilina sur ce screenshot.

Capture d’écran 2019-04-19 à 00.55.04.jpg

3 - Don’t hold the mic like a rapper, you are doing stand up.

Also this bit below is amazing and you are a great comedian obviously, I just didn’t like your special and didn’t appreciate your style of comedy.


FR/ Tiens pas le mic comme Eminem. Ce passage là ci dessous est fantastique.

Capture d’écran 2019-04-19 à 01.27.33.png