Everybody is talking about us.

I am angry that a guy this dumb was elected, of course, like Marine Le Pen and other political figures, Trump is the kind of people in which you can sense bad, ignorance and stupidity in the speech, the face and overall being. Some books you can judge straight from their cover.

That is one thing and I first wondered how a country can pass through this obviousness of a dick he appears to be. Maybe he's really smart, as Le Pen might be, and knew all along which levers to use, whom to adress etc. he and his team might be strategic geniuses, mean geniuses. 
Then I observed people's reaction, as I lay silent, I watch and I listen.

Acta non verba, j'écoute et puis j'écris.

Fact is I'm even more angry at all my virtual entourage who are so amazed by the results of this election. Fuck. it's a vote, people expressed their feeling and voted for this dump. Fact.
After so much wrong polls and surveys, the first thing you do is to publish some more polls about who voted, etc. in order to find a reason for this, to make sense. God you're good.
Please stop with your "WTF" "How is that possible ?" "Amazing". Dick. Yeah sometimes it's good to write Dick. or Dickhead. You try.

You and I people, considering we live in the same "socio economic bubble", are ignorants. We know everything, we have access to all the movies in the world, books, culture and so on, like never before.
Art, comic books, Tv Shows, name it, write it, click it, you have it, and yet you are sad. At least I am. We've never been so cultivated but yet we are disconnected from the reality of less "cultivated" people, as we'd like to think, with different backgrounds than us and different vision of the World.

"They watch Transformers when I watch La Grande Bellezza, does that make me a better man ?"

My education, my sensibility and so on, made me able to feel the bad in Trump, right it in my irritable guts. But is it the same with others, who's goal is not to eat culture as I pride myself to be, but just survive, live, strive and go on. Humans, different than me, in a lot of ways, but my own.

On Facebook, outside, in the world, I follow, I talk, I share with people that share my ideas, my tastes, my Point of View, we do not engage with people from the other side, we do not "Follow" them.

It's like seing only one side of the mountain, the one on witch you are walking, not the other. But the other side exists, think, love and suffers the same as you, it's just that we are less aware of that because it is not on our news feed.

My goal in life almost, is to read many books. To eat culture. That might also be a curse for when all this knowledge just makes you sad, Bojack.
I believe Seymour Glass, Salinger's Franny and Zooey's brother, kills himself for knowing too much. Suicide could be a way out of it for when the sponge becomes soaked.
But that's another question for Deroxat 20mg.

I stopped listening to music on the street and instead I walk with podcast in my ears, WTF from Marc Maron on top of my list. I am looking for knowledge, it's my gold. I want to Know.
I want to be a writer, to watch and write movies, poems, fiction, everything. I had the chance to live in a family and a socio economic context favorable to the development of brain, education, sensibility and all that really non tangible grasp.

But not all of us do, some are called "pussies" if they read, bullied if they write and punched if they try to be smart, to expend the brain against the level of their peers. Pear, Apple.

Fact is we do not talk, as we are scared to express an idea that might be different. Crucified on the timeline of the common thought. I despise all the ideas of far right, but I start to despise even so the crap line of the left, sharing the same ideas, following artists, celebrities and musicians whom all rallied with Hilary, being "with Her", because this is the trend and it's not worth questioning. You think Jay-Z or all the models, musicians and beautiful people I follow on Instagram makes me want to share their ideas... nope. 
I follow them on social media, I observe them, and I stare at the empty, just to fill myself.

Except for the camera frame that might make you throw up, this is worth watching to get my point.


 So Yeah Trump is the new one, but it's no surprise you motherfuckers. You, obsessed by social media, digital, Oculus, tvShows, etc. you are so out of the real world that when the reality rings at your door you are shocked when you open the door to see the face of a stinky human being. 
In your hipster bubble, the one I am in,  you think all your friends on FB and Twitter and the media you follow, your media, the one on the internet that is smart, sarcastic, funny and wit, is the media of everyone. Conan and Louis C.K are not america.
No asshole, I am angry because you don't realize the state of the world and you are surprised when a dick access the post of POTUS. Wake up, you live in the luxury of you smartphone, your apps and your digital world. I do too but I am conscient of my emptiness and I just embrace it with junk food and some pills.
Also I have a cute girl who sleeps next to me and the warmth of her feet in the bed makes me feel less sad and alone.

You, and I, don't know the least about the struggle of everyday people. Your sphere of "friends" is not the world as London is not Britain and New York or California is Not the USA.
Accept that you were wrong and open your eyes. I know I close mine everyday but I still sense that everything is wrong and that I don't deserve this privilege of not worrying about too much stuff.

I have a good example, I really don't like Casey Neistat. He is for me the proof of things gone wrong in an over consuming america. Made from nothing, he is now at the head of a Youtube empire with millions of views. But I don't think the guy is taking us in the good direction, us, all of his viewers. Once an average guy, he represent the american success story, the guy that is no more conscious of the world around him. 
He helps his UPS delivery man to pay for hospital fees by a kick starter campaign...come on America, this is the typical success story hiding all of the others dying from lack of decent health care access. But we watch this and the hero saved the day by saving his delivery man's sister. 
Truth is, Casey might just have saved his own ass, what would be the guy without his daily UPS parcel deliveries of useless shit to film ?
When I look at his videos, and I do watch them, I see a kid, opening all his parcels of toys, gadgets, drones, skateboard and consuming like I'll never do in a lifetime. I stare at what is Great America !
An overdose of things.

His studio is a factory with a million of screens and plugs and so On, don't tell me this guy has any "ecological" concern. He consumes stuff and energy, all the time in a big quantity. He travels and pollutes more in a week than me in a year. And yet, his latest video is called "Trum won". 
As a political claim, a surprise maybe ?

Just watch this video. For me, the reason it's all wrong in the USA and Trump won are all in the  first 5 minutes of the Video. Consume shit, spend energy, leave all your screens open, receive toys and gadgets that are worthless, made in China and make a video about it.


I respect his self made man situation and energy and productivity, but I don't think it's the good way.

Just like Jerome Jarre for me was the peak of emptiness. How a guy like that could become the hit of snapchat, represent France in the US, be the new most funny guy... ouch it hurts. The lack of charisma of this Jerome made me really spiral in the dark. Specially a video where J. "steals" the camera of Casey in New York to express how much he loves him and respect him...
Big Ball Sucker. BBS j'en place une.


Men, read, learns, grow and stop sharing void to the world, you are just participating in the failure of it all. 


Like when Leonardo DiCaprio makes a movie about Global Warming... fuck this is swell.

Before the flood. 
The guy is so rich and famous that his agent and communication team some years ago must have told him :
 "Leo, you need to find a cause, a purpose for the masses, don't just party and fuck models man... Also be discrete about your friendship with financial sharks and money laundering scandals."


Then this guy, peak of the lies, makes a movie about how we need to save the planet, creates ecology organization and appears as the face of "caring for the planet". God, it's killing me. 


Open your eyes, and cry, because this is happening, I believe it's all going to shit, until we decide to wake up and act.

I hereby Engage, will you marry me ?


Well, by writing this at least I feel like I am participating in the fight, I picked a side and won't be ashamed when all my grand kids will ask me 


- "what have you done Pépé René ?" 


I'll say : 


- "Me ? I watched movies,  red and wrote books and ate lots of blue m&m's.

- So you did nothing grandpa...?!

- Well yes, but I wrote about the fact that these guys were doing wrong, and that's doing something right, no ?  

- You still have some of these blue M&M's granpa...?"


Until we're born again.